Rugs Kristiina Lassus

Tibetan knot

Each phase of the production is hand made according to a traditional expertise brought to Nepal by the Tibetan refugees who settled there in the 1960’s. The wool used for these rugs comes from the Himalayan mountains, from plains at 3000 m altitude. This wool is appreciated for its strength and softness and has a unique, easily recognizable appearance and texture. The yarn is hand spun and hand dyed, which gives the rugs beautiful subtle variations in colour and texture.

The materials employed in the rugs are Tibetan wool, silk, natural linen, natural hemp, nettle and bamboo silk.
The wool is spun and dyed by hand, which gives the rugs beautiful subtle variations in colour and texture. Every small step in the production stage leads to a precious outcome rich in nuances, steeped in history and customs handed down through generations. Each piece is unique and original.

Carpets made of this material turn even more beautiful with the passing years, as the lustre of the yarn increases with time and usage, emphasising the character and colours of the material.

KRISTIINA LASSUS rugs are made in 100 knot quality and the pile height is 4 – 5 mm.

The rugs are produced in limited series and are available by order.

No child labour has been used in the creation of these carpets (Label Step certificate).

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