Thank you for visiting us | Fuorisalone 2022

Thank you for visiting us!

We are happy and grateful that the Fuorisalone exhibition of our two unique brands was received so well. The new designs for the Kristiina Lassus artisan rug collection and the original family of stools designed by Inga Sempé for Articles both generated a lot of interest.

Kristiina Lassus introduced three new designs: Aava, Aiku and Eloo.
The collection is known for high-quality, ecological, handcrafted products that are able to stand the test of time; rugs not only for today, but that can last for generations. From a passion for ancient traditional handknotting technique with a modern insight, the collection was conceived for people who appreciate special quality and beauty in all details. The rugs are mostly made to order, which allows customisation in sizes, qualities and colours.

Inga Sempé’s addition to the Articles collection is a series of stools that interprets contemporary living in a very personal way.
We share a belief that objects you have a relationship with, will simply last longer. We feel that the level of expression and creativity built into an object is directly linked to sustainability.

We are looking forward to supplying you with more information.

Kristiiina Lassus:
Via Soperga 18, 20127 Milano, Italy
tel. +39 02 39800027 / 02 39462907
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Finnboda Varvsväg 19A, 131 72 Nacka, Sweden
T +46 731814118
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