Newsletter no.9 – Nature and Life

There are a multitude of benefits that come from being surrounded by the natural world, whether recharging outside among trees in a tranquil forest or bringing the bounty of a beautiful garden indoors. Trees, flowers, water, and other natural elements help to reduce stress and anxiety and boost your mood.

Kristiina Lassus is deeply inspired by the natural environment and strives to bring nature indoors through many of her rug designs, a number of which feature motifs inspired by the growth and renewal of nature. Made from sustainable, natural materials such as silk and wool, all of Kristiina’s rugs are in harmony and synergy with nature.

Whether one reads Kumulu’s design as leaves blowing in the wind, algae on water’s surface or an abstract landscape, its pattern brings an elegant and organic feel that complements any interior. The 100% Tibetan wool rug comes in two standard colours, one cooler and the other slightly warmer, both tonalities which easily suit a variety of decorative schemes. Further information

One of the collection’s more contemporary designs, Konko brings the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors. Inspired by a reflection of a shadow of a tree branch through windows, Konko is 100% Tibetan wool and available in three earth-toned colour choices. Here it is shown in the smoke grey colour-way. Further information

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