Newsletter no.7 – Sustainability and Heritage

Recently there has been a renewed appreciation for design objects made in traditional ways, locally-produced and steeped in cultural heritage. Greater interest in sustainability has also encouraged people to seek out longer-lasting items that have been created with renewable materials and using processes that have a lighter impact on the environment.

For Kristiina Lassus, Finnish heritage instilled in her the value of thinking first and foremost from an ecological point of view. Sustainability for Kristiina means not only using responsibly-sourced natural materials and creating long-lasting products, but also preserving the cultural traditions of makers. Kristiina’s current rug collection embraces the ancient knowhow of Tibetan weavers, who brought their handicrafts with them when they settled in Nepal, in order to promote the distinctive and characteristic qualities of Nepali production methods. The skills which have been passed down by generations of artisans—the unique Tibetan hand-knotting technique and the use of hand-spun, unbleached Himalayan wool—underpin every Kristiina Lassus rug.

Bukuma depicts a representation of the tree of life, an important mythological and religious symbol in many cultures around the world. The Bukuma rug brings a subtle message of good luck, strength and fortune to any room through its decorative symbol of the sacred tree or the tree of life. Further information

While traditional hand-knotted Tibetan rugs are associated with colour and detailed patterns, Kaita takes advantage of the flexibility of the hand-knotting technique to offer a plain style without decorative details. Here, the open-cut texture and light beige colour of the natural linen and wool take centre stage, but Kaita is available to manufacture in a wide variety of materials and colours. Further information

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