Newsletter no.6 – Power and Energy

Almost all ancient cultures value the importance of the life force. Buddhism associates it with the vital energy that sustains the body and the universe, while indigenous people around the world consider that not only humans, but all beings including animals, mountains and rivers are animated by a vital life force that connects both the visible and invisible worlds.

Kristiina Lassus draws strength and energy from interactions with the environment and with people. A wide variety of stimuli, from atmospheric qualities of light and sound to daily sensory experiences such as the feel of materials, all provide energy to harmonise her life and revitalise her creative work. Kristiina is also deeply inspired by the energy and history of other cultures, on which she often draws when imagining new designs for her own collection.

Finnish for “area”, the power of Ala’s luxurious silk-and-wool-blend design derives from the sleek sophistication of its Art Deco mood. The rug’s elegant, energetic lines resembling the plan view of a house are highlighted by the contrast of Ala’s striking black and gold colouring. The more subtle tones of Ala GR allows the rug to be used in versatile interiors style with more space for personal interpretation. The tone-on-tone colourway features a tactile raised silk pattern.
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Named after Lake Como, the Komo rug draws its inspiration from landscapes with mountains surrounded by water to create an abstract landscape that plays with mirroring and reflections. This boldly patterned rug is particularly luxurious and soft thanks to its high silk content and elaborated loop and cut texture. Komo is available in two sophisticated colourways.
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