Newsletter no.5 – Poetry and Emotion

Studies have demonstrated a strong connection between creativity and happiness. However, Western society tends to devalue the power of imagination and play over logical reasoning and rationality. In design, of course both creativity and reason have an important part to play. Reason requires a certain discipline and creativity requires a willingness to throw yourself into the unknown.

For Kristiina, the design process often begins from an intuitive, imaginative—sometimes subconscious—approach to patterns and other visual motifs. This initial creative spark is then developed through a reasoned process of editing and revising, bringing the best of both worlds to bear on the design and material choices of each rug.

One of the very first designs in the Kristiina Lassus collection, Kuuma draws inspiration from Mbuti drawings and symbols on Sami shamanic drums. Whether read as an abstract landscape or a naïve and playful line drawing, Kuuma tells a story. Available in five different colours. Further information

The pattern of the Okoa rug has its origins in Japanese visual culture. Ume, the delicate plum blossom, is an important symbol in Japanese art and poetry signifying hope and vitality. Okoa is a modern interpretation of this classic theme, scaled up to a large floral pattern for a more graphic and abstract feeling. Further information

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