Newsletter no.4 – Light and Balance

The play of light and shadow, the importance of movement through space; such qualities are often the starting point for Kristiina Lassus’s designs. With their high-quality finish and sophisticated tones and patterns, her rugs are the surfaces and textures that provide the finishing touch in creating atmospheric spaces. As an experienced interior designer, Lassus has taken care to create a collection that is versatile and interchangeable. She often collaborates with architects during the design phase as her rugs can be customised in different sizes, colours and natural materials to suit a variety of projects.

Kristiina Lassus has always been fascinated by ornamentation and its universality across different cultures. The design of her Koy rug has its origins in African patterns but also draws inspiration from Finland’s national epic, the Kalevala. These combined influences result in a pattern that evokes a wide range of ornamental design motifs such as National Romantic eclecticism, Gothic elegance, Islamic geometry and the Hannunvaakuna, an ancient Northern European symbol of good fortune. The distinctive rhythm of Koy’s design is well suited to both decorative and modern interiors. Further information

A classic in the Kristiina Lassus collection, Ululu was originally created as an elegant reimagining of the beloved Berber rug. This high-quality 100-knot low-pile rug is practical as well as pleasing to the eye thanks to the organic movement of its design. Further information

© Photo credits l Cover Photo #He Art Museum by Tadao Ando l Photo 5 @Ark and Friends

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