Newsletter no.3 – Memory and Quality

Italy has been the home of Kristiina Lassus for over twenty years and the designer continues to draw inspiration from Italian culture past and present. Sensual sensitivity, individuality and an appreciation for quality are all integral parts of Italian life. That Italians know and value their own history and culture is evident in everything from their architecture to handicrafts and product design.

The Kristiina Lassus Studio Showroom in Milan is the designer’s base, from where she connects to Finland and the rest of the world. This duality is evident in the Rugs Kristiina Lassus collection: the carpets have a strong sense of both Nordic and Italian style, uniting the sophisticated aesthetics of both traditions and creating elegant reinterpretations of classic motifs. Coupled with high-quality craftsmanship, the result is rugs that are poetic and timeless.

Combining multiple points of inspiration, Akana’s design draws on stone carvings, traditional Nordic straw decorations and an Art Deco spirit. Uniting a symmetrical and asymmetrical pattern to form a repeating surface, Akana is well suited to contemporary and vintage-inspired spaces. Further information

The interlocking diamonds of the Uele rug call to mind the decorative geometry of a fishing net. Such classic and familiar ornamentation creates a tranquil motif. Uele is timeless and classic, making it easy to integrate with different interiors. Further information

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