Newsletter no.2 – Roots and Identity

In recent years, roots and identity have re-emerged as important values in our globalised world. The last year in particular has amply demonstrated the significance and importance of valuing the local. Such values are important aspects of our identities that guide, both consciously and unconsciously, the decisions we make and the paths we choose.

The Kristiina Lassus Rugs collection brings together values and influences from different cultures. Shaped by her Nordic origins, Lassus’s deep connection to Scandinavian nature has influenced her values and her way of observing the world. From a young age, Lassus has also looked to different cultures, seeking inspiration from other cultures that echo the values of her roots, as well as to those that offer sharp contrast. Over the years, she has made a home in Finland, Italy and Nepal and each of these places continue to shape her identity.

The Naaba rug is inspired by hand-woven nets. The lively pattern is knotted using the high-low pile technique which produces a three-dimensional surface. Naaba adapts to different styles because of its material duality: the raised silk pattern is refined and luxurious while the recessed hemp pattern is earthy and more casual. Further information

The natural colour of the linen and the tribal pattern of the Ozz rug was inspired by Aboriginal culture and Australian nature, which Kristiina Lassus feels a deep connection to. The spatial composition of the pattern makes Ozz a modern and graphic choice. Further information

© Photo credits l Photo Cover @Ulla Koskinen l Photo 5 @Ark and Friends

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