Newsletter no.14 – Three New Designs. Makoua, Kento, Ksoo

Sharing the same commitment to responsible luxury and understated, unique design as all Kristiina Lassus rugs, three new designs were presented during MDW 2023: Makoua, Kento and Ksoo. New variations of the Aiku and Kaita rugs were also introduced.

We will soon have new images of the rugs to share on our website and catalogue.
At present, each of the new designs is available in one colour and one quality. Additional variations are under development for release in the coming months. As all of our rugs are mostly produced to order, customisation is available across sizes, materials and colours.

Makoua NL
An abstract pattern of sculptural lines crosses the wool, natural linen and silk background of the Makoua rug. Refined and delicate, it creates an effortless dialogue with almost any interior style. It is available in light beige colour with a brown decoration recessed in loop pile.

Kento PGR
The Kento rug is an exploration of colour. The central square in wool and silk, in subtle shades of purple-grey and dark brown, is framed by asymmetrical bands, with a prevalence of silk, in intense gold and brown. In its essential design, it is suitable for any type of environment.

Ksoo GR
The ethnic style of the Ksoo rug captivates with its strong geometric pattern combined with soft, delicate tones. The grey base is composed of a blended wool and silk yarn, while the 100% silk motif is in a light gold colour.

New variations of the Aiku and Kaita rugs

Aiku has a geometrical design with an asymmetrical composition of thin, irregular lines. Its artwork comes in two versions depending on the shape of the rug, square or rectangular.
It is available in three standard colourways and qualities: Aiku LGRH, Aiku MG, Aiku NL. Shown here Aiku NL in a rectangular version. Its base is in natural linen and wool, pattern in wool.

The Kaita rug offers a minimal style which emphasises the hand-knotting technique over pattern.
In the Kaita NL version, already featured in the catalogue, the loop-and-cut weave and the light beige colour of the natural linen and wool highlight the rug’s material essence.

In the new variation, Kaita ORH, colour and texture is created with the succession of orange lines of silk-wool and natural hemp. And yet, when seen in its entirety, the rug almost appears monochromatic.

Kaita is versatile due to the infinite possibilities of its customisation in a selection of colours, materials and textures, as well as the option to accentuate the beginning and end edges.

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