Newsletter no.1 – Silence and Emptiness

For designer Kristiina Lassus the meaning of emptiness and silence is of essential importance. The emptiness calms and gives space, makes it easier to concentrate. Being in silence brings out things one wouldn’t otherwise sense. Together these two things create a feeling of security and well-being. Lassus is equally fascinated by the meaning of emptiness in the ancient Asian culture and its strong presence in Scandinavia. In Eastern culture emptiness is a dynamic characteristic of everything that exists. In Scandinavia, especially in Finland where Lassus was born and spent her youth, emptiness is part of one’s own mental and physical space. In the Nordic countries silence is a courtesy and a way of communication.

When designing the rug collection, the most important starting points are simplicity, natural colour and material, balance, calmness, and relaxation. As a result, the rugs are timeless and easy to combine in different spaces and interiors.

The calm rhythm of the lines in the Tararu rug comes from a beautifully cracked desert soil. The timeless abstract pattern and the natural tones provide a silent and elegant background for an interior. Further information

The Loom rug, designed by Finnish textile designer Johanna Gullichsen, is based on the Palazzo pattern in her fabric collection that carries the same name. The scale of the architectonic and modern line pattern is large, making the rug versatile for different decoration styles. Further information

© Photo credits l Photo 1 @Ritta Sourander l Photo 4 @Ark and Friends

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