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Preventive Maintenance

A hand-knotted rug lasts for decades when properly taken care of.

Regular vacuum cleaning is usually all that is needed. They do not need frequent washing.

In addition, it is recommended that the rug be occasionally rotated to ensure that it wears evenly. Protect it from direct sunlight, and from detergents and chemicals used for floor cleaning.


It is very important that you have your rug washed professionally by a company that specialises in washing hand-knotted carpets, both modern and antique.

Look for the best companies as the methods and equipment vary from one to another. Ask for references. If there is a dealer of fine hand-knotted or oriental rugs in your area, inquire as to which cleaner they recommend to their customers. Professional centres often offer pick up and deliver services as well.

Recommended Washing Instructions:

Woolen and wool-silk/bamboo silk mix rugs (KL101, KL107, KL107B, KL107X, KL108): horizontal cleaning with water at a maximum temperature of 30° C, mild detergent, tube-centrifuge only, no tumble drying.

Linen and linen mix rugs (KL103, KL104WL, KL106, KL106B): dry clean only, no tumble drying.

Stain Removal

Remove liquid spills with a paper towel or clean cloth. Remove solid spills with a spoon. Dilute the remaining stain with some water. Blot up as much as possible, starting from the edge and working your way towards the centre. Do not rub.

For stubborn stains, use a carpet cleaning stain remover intended for that particular type of stain, always testing the intended cleaning solution on a less visible spot of the carpet first. Apply cleaning solution directly to the stain. Allow it to stand for ten seconds, and then blot gently with a clean white absorbent cloth, do not wipe or rub. Avoid getting the carpet too wet. When dry, gently brush to restore the pile.

More permanent stains must be removed with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.


It is important that the carpet is completely dry when stored away. Roll it with the pile facing inside, and store in a cool and dry place, protected from dust, insects and humidity.

If the carpet is stored for an extended period, air it at least once a year and apply moth repellent. Do not bend the roll nor place a heavy weight on it as this may leave marks on carpet.

We recommend the following carpet care centres:

Milano, Italia:


Since the wool is hand-carded and spun, its characteristics differ from one part to another resulting in a variety of different thicknesses, colours, shades and twists. This is what makes the final result so special and beautiful.

At times, some part of the yarn may be more twisted than another part and results more curled down into the pile. When used, this twist may slowly start opening and as the yarn straightens itself it will become longer than the rest of the pile. If this should happen, simply cut the yarn carefully to the level of the others.

Some pile shedding is likely to happen when the carpet is new. This is a normal characteristic of a pile carpet.

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